We Support Student Success Through Scholarships

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Tempe Dollars for Scholars®  offers scholarship opportunities to the students in the Tempe Union High School District, and is a nonprofit foundation that supports academic success in our community. As part of Scholarship America's® national network of locally based, volunteer-driven Dollars for Scholars chapters, our mission is to mobilize our community on behalf of postsecondary education success for our students.

To see a list of 2019 scholarship recipients, go to the News & Events page.

Tempe Dollars for Scholars helps students achieve their educational goals by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, providing assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process, offering a mentor,  and distributing scholarships each year.

This website provides resources from our chapter to our volunteers, community and students. You can learn more about our history, goals and volunteers through the "About Us" link, and find out what's new by clicking on "News and Events." Volunteers -- and those who are interested in becoming volunteers -- can click on "Volunteer Login" to get connected. 

Finally, if you are a student looking for our Dollars for Scholars chapter scholarships, you're in the right place! Under the "Students and Parents" tab toward the top of the screen,  click "Student and Parent Login" to begin filling out your student profile -- not only will you find and apply for our scholarships that way, you'll also discover scholarships from across the Scholarship America network that you may be eligible for. You'll also find valuable financial aid, college success, internship and career resources.  If you have questions regarding the scholarship site, please contact your scholarship counselor.  The scholarship directions are posted on this page.

Timeline:  The scholarship application will open to students on November 1, 2019 and close on February 11, 2020.  The Scholarship application information is posted on the TUHSD Scholarship website.



  1.  Go to www.tempe.dollarsforscholars.org and read the information on the page.
  2. Click the gray tab on the far right "Students and Parents"
  3. Click the blue "click to log in" tab
  4. Read Paragraph 4.   To open your account, click on the purple link. (Don't have an account yet? Create one here).
  5. Type the high school you attend and the city.  Your school will appear in the drop-down list.  Click Choose this School next to your school name.  Please be certain you choose the high school you are currently attending.  For example, if you attend Tempe HS, choose Tempe HS in zip code area 85281.  Do not choose the EVIT-Tempe HS or any of the charter schools in Tempe.
  6. Fill out your Basic Information, click the box to the bottom right, and click Submit.  You will receive an email from Scholarship America that gives you a temporary password.  Go to your email to retrieve your login information.
  7. Use the link and the temporary password provided to login to your new account.  You will be immediately prompted to change your password.  Enter a new password and confirm it.
  8. Once you are in, you will see "My dashboard."  Click on "work on profile."  As you fill in your information, you will see the colored tabs to the left of the screen change colors.  Green means you have completed the information in that section.
  • Under "Highest Level of Education Completed" in the dropdown box choose "high school graduate."
  • Essays should be between 175-250 words
  • Please list your high school counselor, not your school's Records Specialist, when requesting transcripts.
  • When you complete the College Information Section under the Schools section (in the "My Information" Section), leave "College you are currently attending" "College Student ID" and "Have you attended other colleges" blank even if you have taken or are taking dual enrollment classes.
  • In the GPA section, check "My school used the same GPA scale for all grade levels."  Then enter your cumulative HS GPA.  Type in 4.0 for the Cumulative HS GPA Scale.  You do not need to enter in grades 9, 10, 11, 12  GPA.
  1. The "My Information" section is your application.  The "My Scholarships" section will help you manage the scholarships you are eligible to apply for once your application is complete. Don't forget that you must SUBMIT your applications when you have completed the application.


  • Use appropriate spelling, capitalization, etc.
  • Complete all required sections (the bar on the left will turn green when complete).
  • You do not need to fill out the Parent/Guardian Financial Information.
  • Make sure you enter your essay responses using 175-250 words.   In a few of the scholarships there is a special "custom question" that requires a response.
  • To find other scholarships sponsored by the national organization, click on the link "Scholarship America Partner Scholarships."  The "My Opportunities" section includes additional scholarships.  Check out the "My Resources" and "My Scholarship News" tabs.


2020 Scholarships to apply for and scholarships with specific requirements to be eligible are listed below.  New scholarships will be added during December and January, and if you qualify to apply for them you will receive a notification on your personal scholarship application online account.

Annis Dotts Memorial Scholarship

Larry Thomas Memorial Scholarship - Mountain Pointe student; Work Experience or a minimum of 35 hours of community service; Activities and Leadership Contributions or 1 extra-curricular activity/sport on campus; Primary reference from school or professional; minimum 2.5 GPA

Larry Cannell Memorial Athletic Scholarship - Must be a Student Athlete

Zita and Pen Johnson Scholarship

Blake Norvell "Smile" Scholarships (2) - Corona del Sol Students only; How have you made Corona del Sol a better place for all students?  

Rund Family Scholarships (2) - Must be planning to attend Arizona State University

Tempe St. Luke's Medical Staff Ione Sharp Memorial Scholarships (5) - Must be majoring in a medical career in college

Dr. Eileen Yellin Memorial Scholarship - Must be a Tempe HS student who has advocated for a cause he/she believes in.

Tom Welling Memorial Scholarship - Must be pursuing a career in automotive mechanics or engineering; 2.5 GPA minimum

Mary Lou Taylor Scholarship

Kathryn Shook Kilcrease Memorial Scholarship

Frank Schmuck Leadership Scholarship - Student must show a leadership role in academic and extracurricular activities

Barbara A McDonald Resilience Award - Student must have overcome a disability in vision or hearing or received a transplant and shown resilience to continue mission of receiving an education.

Hasan Naqvi Health and Education Scholarship - Must be a Tempe HS student pursuing a career in Health and Medicine or Education; Minimum GPA of 3.2

Janis Chapman Merrill Foundation Scholarship (25)

Katherine and Dan Roberson Memorial Scholarship - Must be a Marcos de Niza Student

John Lassen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - Must be a Marcos de Niza or Mt. Pointe Student who plans to major in Mathematics related careers.